Friday, 28 August 2009

Daisy the Dog

I've been attending my local hospice for about eight years now. Daisy was one of my first friends; I was the only person she would come to and kiss and she made me feel special. Daisy had a beautiful honey coloured, soft coat and a gentle nature. I would have a photo of her but she would dart off at the sight of a camera! The only camera shy dog I ever met....

When I went to the hospice on Tuesday my friend couldn't get up to greet me as usual. I'd never seen her so still. When I went back on Thursday there was no sign of Daisy and I instinctively knew that I wouldn't see her again. Her owner told me she'd had her put down the day before and we both started to cry.

I have lost many friends that I met at the hospice and seen them suffer. If I were a dog I would have been put down years ago! I realised what a fine line there is between human suffering and the current 'hot' topic of assisted suicide. I would never choose to end my life but maybe I am wrong? I missed the people I'd lost from the hospice and used to think hospices are not a good place to hang out. However, I now know that I was honoured to meet such wonderful people (+ dog) and I remember all the strength and love that they gave to me.

I love life (most of the time!) and it's good to be here!!!


  1. Hi Sarah, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :)

    I am so sorry to hear about Daisy. Sounds like she enjoyed your company as much as you enjoyed hers.

    I am so glad you have started your blog, as you might remember my mum, Joan, sufferes from MND and has done for around 11 years, you are an inspirational, very strong and courageous person :)

    Take Care,
    Natalie (in Australia)

  2. Hi Sarah,
    We had a yellow lab named Daisy but at 14 we had to lay her to rest in our arms (with sedative first). It was beatiful yet sad.

    I'm for it being a choice. Would I do it? I'll let you know when I'm closer. I'm still shooting for that cure after 19yrs.

    Sorry about Daisy.

  3. Hi Sarah

    Welcome to blogging - it's so therapeutic isn't it?!

    You've always had a marvellous attitude towards life, pre and post MND - that's why you're so loved and respected.

    Sorry to hear about Daisy.