Friday, 9 March 2012


I have new art software on my Tobii PCEye and have started to paint using my eyes. I've loved drawing and painting since I was young and studied art and history of art for 'A' Level. I started an art foundation course at 18 but didn't finish it. They were trying to push me into teaching which I didn't want and I was too young and immature. I carried on enjoying art and did several life drawing and sculpture courses at evening school. I always had a sketch book on me, it was just a normal part of my life.

Marriage and kids took over and then I was diagnosed with motor neurone disease at the age of 34. I'd always imagined that I would pick up my artistic pursuits later in life. When I lost the use of my hands I gave up my dream and started to write instead.

Little did I know that I would paint again using eyegaze technology. Of course, it's very different to using my hands and I'm still learning how to use the programme (Revelation Natural Art) and techniques. I absolutely love being able to create and express myself artistically again. I'm even looking at everything around me more intensely, which I haven't done for years. I feel as if life is suddenly more colourful and beautiful, waiting for me to capture it on my virtual canvas.

I'm going to post my work here and know that it will improve (I hope). Special thanks to Hector Minto at Tobii, who was the first person to help me to escape from my awful, locked in, MND existence.

Prints and merchandise are available to purchase from

Love Lies Bleeding (March 2015)

Vodka Dreams (February 2015)

Autumn with Matisse (October 2014)

Tree of Life (August 2014)

Peaceful Warrior (June 2014)

Healing Precious (August 2013)

Seize the Day (July 2013)

One Day at a Time (May 2013)

First Movement to Spring (February 2013)

See Hope, See Love (February 2013)

Perseverance (October 2012)

Snowdon (August 2012)

Untitled (July 2012)

Wheaton (June 2012)

Made in Britain (May 2012)

My Life of Brian (May 2012)

Sophie's Butterflies (May 2012)

Teardrops 2 (April 2012)

Teardrops (April 2012)

Seascape (April 2012)

Popred (April 2012)

Blues (March 2012)

Daffodils (March 2012)

Profile (March 2012)

Phoenix (March 2012)

Cloudbursting (March 2012)


  1. That`s amazing Sara -thank god for this kind of technology ! Look forward to seeing some more of your work x

    1. Thanks Janet, I can't wait to do more! Have to make time to paint and not neglect everything else ;) xxx

  2. What a wonderful thing this technology is. Amazing pictures, keep up the good work. Super artwork. xxx

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, I have to keep up the work because I'm obsessed. There's about 20 years of work trying to get out of me!

  3. These are fantastic Sarah and show considerable talent. I look forward to seeing more of your work :)

    1. Thanks very much Babs! I need to get a bit more serious and knuckle down to it properly xxx

  4. Your art is beautiful! My Aunt had Als 20 years ago,I wish she could have had a way to expierance her creativity like this. Keep pushing the boundries,I apploud you!

  5. Sarah you are a real inspiration, reading this blog and viewing your artwork made me cry... Thank goodness for the technology to give you the freedom to express yourself and I for one would be very proud to hang a Sarah Ezekiel on my wall xx

    1. Thanks very much Amanda. Everything is for sale and all proceeds will help people with MND/ALS. I can be contacted through my website, Xx

  6. Sarah, love the new pieces! Daffs gave me a taste of spring-something we don't really get in Florida. I could practically smell them and it transported me back to my grandmother's yard. Thanks for sharing you work!

  7. Hello Sarah. This is amazing. So many people with MND are so positive about things and you are a shining example. I will put a link from my own blog that I am keeping in connection with with fundraising for MNDA (Paris to Geneva Bike ride).

    1. Thanks Mark. Good luck with your fundraising. I'm opening an online shop to sell my paintings and will donate proceeds to help people with MND purchase Tobii eyegaze.

  8. Sarah these are amazing! real inspiration! love the use of colour and how each painting tells a story.
    look forward to more paintings !!