Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Selfies - Because I Can!

I know that selfies are generally ridiculed but I haven't been able to take them, until recently. I got my Tobii I-12 eyegaze computer in December 2013 and can finally go out with it mounted to my wheelchair. It's great to be able to talk to people and I love that I can now operate a camera on my I-12 myself. People are fascinated to see that I can communicate with my eyes and are quite happy to pose with me. Here are some of my more interesting selfies:-


I met Robert Powell at the Marie Curie Hospice in Hampstead. He opened their Christmas fair on 7 December 2013. He was mobbed but I got to the front and asked him for a photo. He was waiting for  someone to get their mobile out and was pretty surprised when I said I can take it myself.


 I have to admit that this isn't a selfie but the story is quite funny. 23 December, in m&s. People were crazy and I was trying to get my last shopping done and my birthday cake (one day someone will buy it for me, I live in hope). I'm a big Coronation Street fan and he is one of my favourite actors in it. Queueing to pay for my shopping I spotted Jimmi packing his shopping at the end of the adjacent till. I told my carer and asked her to try and get him to come over. She tried and he was reluctant, until she told him I'm in a wheelchair. The wheelchair card is a good one. He rushed over, agreed to a photo on my mobile and said 'merry Christmas darlin, all the best'. He looks younger and slimmer than on the TV, just saying.


Elliot was the compere at Movement for Hope's Rewired. Very sweet and did a great job. An actor to watch out for.

The next photos were taken at the Association of Labour Councillors Conference on 1 March 2014. When I was invited by the MND Association I didn't expect that anyone would bother with me.I couldn't have been more mistaken. Every MP and Councillor loved my computer and were extremely kind and patient. They all happily signed the MND Charter and discussed MND with us. I've always voted Labour and will certainly continue to do so.


I didn't think I'd meet Ed because we were told that he had to go to another engagement. I spotted him leaving the conference room and told my carer, Andrea. She grabbed my wheelchair and asked him to speak to me. Her speed still makes me laugh! I managed to type 'I'm a big fan'. He said thanks and 'what an amazing computer'. Then agreed to have the photo. He was so patient even though he was in a hurry and I was impressed. Seems to be a very genuine and sincere person. He'll make an excellent PM.


Iain is just super cool and we got on right away. Maybe because we're both secretaries ;)



Great person, always difficult to work out which way to move your head on the I-12! 


Vernon is really down to earth. He actually chose this photo and deleted the other one that I took himself! Lucky that I have a touch screen.


How cute is that smile? I can't remember much more because I was tired, but Hilary was very friendly and interested.


  1. Totally awesome! your selfies are cool and I've got to get a Tobii. I almost forgot, you look wonderful.

  2. They are great, even with the Socialists, he he!

  3. These are all so great!