Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Solitaire's the Only Game in Town

It's a long time since I've written or been inspired to write. I write emails, lots of them. 'Where's my shopping?' (Tesco) 'New antidepressant made my stomach hurt' (doctor) and 'I'm tired all the time' (anyone who will listen!)

I feel inspired today because of my late friend, Carla Zilbersmith. ALS/MND stole her away yesterday. She was beautiful and funny, right until the end. I know she wouldn't want anyone to cry for her but I did anyway.

So I was thinking how would Carla look at my life right now and make people laugh? Tomorrow I'm getting a riser/recliner chair for my lounge. I've always sat on the sofa; I wanted to have my children near me so resisted 'the chair of solitude' for years. I'm too uncomfortable to resist anymore. However, I've recently taken to playing the game Solitaire on my laptop. Strange thing is that my children and carers plonk themselves down next to me and tell me what cards to move! I scream inside 'it's called Solitaire for a reason', but no doubt will miss it.

I'm tired again... why is a blog for another day, if I have the guts to write it. I reckon short is better than nothing.

The Late, Great, Carla Zilbersmith! Carlamuses


  1. Thank you, Sarah. We will all miss her.

  2. Indeed. I take each ALS death personally as I have a "It vs. Us" mentality. But when an extraordinarily strong PALS goes it stings all the more.

  3. Hi.......we seem to have lost a bunch of ALS/MND sufferers here in NYC and environs lately. They come in bunches. I just heard you were sick but are getting stronger. My prayers to you always.

  4. Carla sounds funny and philosophical, which I guess are related.

    At the same time, when I called one of her friends to tell her that Carla could heal herself and I could help, her friend said that Carla didn't want to hear about any cures for als.

    Still wondering about that.

  5. My recommendation to anyone with time on her hands, instead of playing solitaire, play healing.

    Anyone can heal. It just takes practice.

    Much as you learn to get cards into the best piles, or to move the squares on a Rubik's cube, you can learn to get the pieces of your life into just the right order.

    Als, cancer, ms, whatever, they are all totally solvable. You just learn the game as you would any other.

    Any story to the contrary just ain't so.

  6. Dear Sarah,

    I think of you often and hope you are getting through the loss of your friend.

    I'm sorry it's been so long since we've connected.

    Sending warm wishes and hugs.

  7. Hi Sarah, not seen you since school. Sory to hear about ALS/MND, but glad you are campaigning so well.

    Perhaps not relevant here but can I plug Anthony Nolan leukaemia research, as well as being a blood donor.